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What is SEO Gold Coast?

SEO is an effective tool for driving customers through the door

Dominate Google Maps

Google has recently changed the algorithm of maps to provide search results in maps closes to a users location. Now is a better time than ever to optimise your Google Maps listing to sit at the top for local, nearby customers. You can also target an entire city and multiple suburbs.

Cut Your Costs

By investing in advanced SEO strategies with the team at SEO Online you are boosting your free organic traffic. This means you can reduce Google Ads expenditure and the budget allocated elsewhere such as Facebook ads and Bin Ads etc.

Land New Customers

The purpose of Google SEO is to land NEW customers as customers/clients who already know who you are will already have your details. Every new user who lands on your website is a customer through the door who is in search of your services.

Features & Benefits

Features of SEO

Benefits of SEO

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Expert SEO Gold Coast

Expert Packages

Work one-on-one with one of Australia’s leading SEO experts, located right here on the Gold Coast. We have entry-level packages to get you going now.

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SEO Starter

SEO Starter is fantastic for small businesses, single service providers and cafes/restaurants wanting to improve their visibility on Google.

from $330/month

Gold Coast

SEO X22 package is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who offer multiple services requiring Google maps listing with higher traffic.

from $499/month

Questions Regarding SEO

Find out more about SEO Online and how we assist Gold Coast businesses with the best SEO services at the best costs available.

Great search engine optimization (SEO) services not only provide you an edge in obtaining organic traffic but by following SEO protocols you also end up with a cutting edge website. This improves brand awareness, helps you generate more leads and customers, and provides your users an overall better experience.

Did you know there are 63,000 Google searches every second? This adds up to a whopping 5.6 billion searches each day. This meant Google needed to ensure it is providing the best possible product (search results) to the end-user at all times. Google provides the best search engine product by ensuring website owners follow strict SEO protocols. If you want to get your company in front of these click-happy buyers, you need to be aware of Google’s SEO checklist when marketing your product or service online.

Maximise Revenue

Over 40% of online revenue stems from organic search traffic. That’s right! A vast amount of shopping dollars comes through the organic lists of Google. To top that off, SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, while outbound methods only manage 1.7%. Another way to look at it is, you’re paying large sums of money for clicks on Google Ads with a far less chance of conversion to that of an organic click. Leads from SEO are where you’ll find more revenue. The only trick is getting to the first page and 90% of users on the Gold Coast never see page 2 and onwards. That’s where we come in!

SEO Opportunities

SEO represents a very large area of opportunity for a company based on the Gold Coast. It’s not as easy, well for most, for SEO Online it’s like clockwork. We know the strict methods that Google teaches and we know the tricks they don’t. Just optimizing the website won’t cut it, we need to make you appear popular and legitimate, in fact, you’ll be the most popular response across the web for a given keyword. Google will pick up on this and promote you to the first page.

So, what is the secret to our success? We focus on boosting your user experience and reputation & popularity across the web. Not only are you rewarded for SEO but also your brand awareness grows significantly and your customer engagement does too. 

The best way to improve SEO is to understand where you want to go for given search terms, what you want your business to represent online and the type of goals for users when they land on your website.

Most clients will tell us they don’t have a goal in mind they just want to be on the first page. However, there’s more to it than that. What is the search term you want to achieve first page ranking for?Let’s say, your goal is to increase rankings for a few targeted keywords, boost your google maps clicks, increase revenue, or sell more products. Each element SEO is going to take a different strategy and way of approach.

Where SEO begins

It all starts with your website and your on-page SEO. If your website is clunky with no content or correct meta markup potential clients on Google are being handed to your competitors. The team at SEO Online don’t just swoop in and fix things, we basically take your website in whatever state it’s at and make Google fall in love with it. Google needs to be able to crawl every element of your page and understand what it is saying and who to show your content too.

Google My Business is a huge boost to local SEO. Google My Business lets you add information which is required by a customer in your local area. Through local SEO, you can set yourself up with consistent and highly converting leads including direct message through Google. GMB also provides an opportunity for reviews.

Whether you’re a local Gold Coast business or a national enterprise, our expert SEO Gold Coast team can set you up with the best SEO for your business.

The cost of SEO is completely different depending on the requirements of the Gold Coast SEO company you’re working with. It also depends on the needs of the customer.

There’s a ton of variables in SEO agency costs: Are you in a highly competitive industry or in a very populated location of the Gold Coast? Do you have a broad target market or is it very niche? Will we need to optimize your current website and create content? When was your website last updated? How popular is your website and brand across the web? Do you have a Google Business? Are you verified with Search Console?

Maximise Your SEO Budget

You have a budget that you need to allocate to SEO if the opportunity permits. So we provide an approximate with our entry-level packages. The entry-level SEO packages typically begin around $400/month and can go up to over $2,000/month. It just really depends on what we are pushing.

At the end of the day, you need to consider your Gold Coast SEO company as an investment, not a cost. We are here to save you money, earn you money, boost your brand. That’s the best way to look at our SEO service – it’s long-term, sustainable results. Imagine your site winning new customers, every day of the year. Remember, every new customer on your website is a customer through your door who is browsing your store looking to buy.

SEO has become an advanced technique within a cloud of smoke and mirrors as the general public will never know what’s involved or how Google ranks a website. Therefore, trying to find an expert SEO analysts on the Gold Coast who is an actual SEO expert can be tricky. An SEO expert needs to know on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical/advanced SEO (website development). 

The best advice SEO Online can give a client is to ask an SEO on the Gold Coast the following:

  • What is your experience with SEO?
  • Can you provide proof of SEO work for Gold Coast businesses?
  • Can you guarantee #1 position?