About Us

We help Gold Coast businesses thrive on Google. Digital marketing is more than just work, it’s a hobby and a passion. SEO is how we think, what we do, and the way we can assist your business and help bring your brand to life.

There's some SEO in All of Us

We exist to take hold of your SEO on autopilot, whilst delivering real results!

We launched SEO Online in 2021 after developing extensive experience with SEO over the past 12 years.  We have seen enough to understand how rare it is for Gold Coast SEO agencies to deliver on their promises. As the digital world becomes more saturated with SEO agencies and online marketing evolves at a pace companies can not keep up with, our small team of experts never drop the ball. SEO Online started with the aim of helping businesses across the Gold Coast optimise their website and demand results from Google.

We Help You Stay Popular

Our Personality

Put simply, we we are a young, vibrant, kind and energetic team of SEO experts with a background in Google marketing and website development. We understand as business owners real success in business takes knowledge, continual education and most importantly, the ability to adapt.

We Have Energy!

We are a high-energy group of young hard-working tech minds. Our marketing minds and love for Google search came together to become a force of genuine power in the SEO world. We’re not satisfied unless we see results. We are here to be referred not to be cancelled. We are enthusiastic, optimistic but most of all, we are realists and will always be transparent with our clients.

We Have Values!

We pride ourselves on transparency with the clients at SEO Online. Our Gold Coast community is continually growing and we want to be here for the long hall. We only succeed if our clients are dominating their industries.

We Find Results!

Book a consultation with us so we can provide you a roadmap to becoming Google’s favourite Gold Coast business.